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Group Exhibition「BITS AND PIECES」

DRELLA Art Gallery is pleased to present “BITS AND PIECES," a group exhibition of Narcolepsy1999, Itoshi Sakhrani and Soyblanc’s works, opening on March 18, 2023.



presented by DRELLA


3/18(sat) - 3/26(sun) 12:00-20:00

※ Free Entrance


DRELLA Art Gallery

1F Grove Daikanyama, 15-10 Daikanyama-cho, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo




Artist NARCOLEPSY1999, who draws pretty girls with a pale and somewhat fragile touch, suddenly appeared in 2021 under the name of her disease, "Central Nervous System Narcolepsy". The disease causes her to suffer from intense sleepiness throughout the day and she sleeps longer than others. Narcolepsy is a search for "the condition of being Kawaii," and the word "imperfection (sloppiness, gaps, looseness)" in that condition.



Born in Tokyo, 1987

A mix of British, Indian, and Okinawan, he has a background of growing up in a borderless environment. As a teenager, attended an international school in Okinawa and a local school in Tokyo. He is passionate about graffiti art and spent his teenage years as a student creating posters and flyers for events, designing T-shirts, and more. Currently, in addition to exhibiting and selling his paintings, he is involved in a wide range of activities, including collaborations with various companies.


Soyblanc is a painter who bridges Eastern and Western cultures; he is Japanese in appearance, but having grown up in Australia, he has explored his self-identity under the influence of different cultures. From this experience, Soyblanc's work focuses on concepts that cross cultural boundaries and the transgression of duality. By combining mother-of-pearl inlays and acrylic paints, he creates a new identity by blending materials symbolic of Eastern and Western cultures into a single piece.


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