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Genius photographer ND CHOW from Singapore is holding a photo exhibition titled "DAIKANYAMA.ST" from September 4th to 24th at the contemporary art gallery "DRELLA" in Daikanyama, Shibuya. The exhibition, set against the backdrop of Daikanyama, explores the relationship between the city and its people and the philosophy of existence through the lens of various genres such as art, music, and fashion, featuring five female models. A limited-edition photobook with the same title will also be released.

ND CHOW, who has worked on photobooks for famous actresses such as Haruka Ayase, Kyoko Fukada, and Alice Hirose, presents his first outdoor photo exhibition since February 2020. His previous exhibition, "POKE’ CHOW ~Leave Only Footprints~," featuring Haruka Ayase, was canceled midway due to the pandemic. 

Regarding his choice of Daikanyama as the setting, ND CHOW says, "I have always been drawn to the city's noble atmosphere, which feels artistic and bohemian, just a step away from the urban hustle and bustle."

In 2021, Daikanyama was selected as the "coolest neighborhood in the world" in a global survey by Time Out magazine. This stylish area, resembling Brooklyn, is popular for its art galleries, cafes, and designer shops. It also serves as a creative hub, attracting artists, designers, and creators due to its international environment with eight embassies nearby.

The models for this "DAIKANYAMA.ST" exhibition include Miria Watanabe (actress, former Nogizaka46), Chocomoo (illustrator), Chihiro Hirose (drummer for suga/es), Carrie Lai (fashion model, former ViVi exclusive model), and Kayo Kishikawa (stage actress, Miss Grand Japan runner-up). ND CHOW comments, "By photographing different types of women in the same city, each individual's personality and charm stand out, revealing the diverse expressions of the city and the stories of its people. It was a unique experience."

ND CHOWo, holding a Master of Fine Arts from LASALLE College of the Arts, Singapore, has been exploring various themes in the realm of fine art photography. He plans to continue the "DAIKANYAMA.ST" project, shooting in Daikanyama each season.

ND CHOW Comments:"I wanted to capture the stories lying on the streets of Daikanyama with my camera. I've always been drawn to the noble atmosphere of this city, which feels artistic and bohemian, just a step away from the urban hustle and bustle. The city's landscape shows various expressions through the daily lives of its people, intersecting thoughts, and changing seasons. This photo exhibition explores the relationship between the city and its people and the philosophy of existence by capturing women living in the present. The harmony and interaction with the environment are expressed in their poses, and the emotions reflected in their eyes reveal empathy and loneliness. The stories resonating inside and outside the frame rediscover the hidden beauty of the city while questioning the meaning of human existence and life. Daikanyama in the summer of 2023, a time and place where the past and future intersect, captured moments and eternity."


Photographer, Film Director

Born in Singapore, ND Chow relocated to Tokyo in 2000 to pursue his dreams of becoming a portrait photographer. Before moving to Tokyo, He spent two years travelling the globe to discover the world as well as himself. In 2004, he published his first photo book which chronicled Seiji Ozawa, the renowned Japanese music director and former conductor of the Boston Symphony Orchestra. This opportunity opened the doors for him to work with a broad range of fascinating people. ND feels that the influence of his formative years resonates in the kinds of images he is able to create today. He endeavors to encourage to let down their guards and show a little something of their lives beyond the façade that is synonymous with life in the public eye. For him, this allows authentic images of beauty, character and vulnerability to emerge.


Models (in no particular order)

Miria Watanabe:


Chihiro Hirose:

Carrie Lai:

Kayo Kishikawa:


Sales Tax Included
    • Format: 210 x 297 mm
    • Pages: 200
    • Binding: Softcover
    • Year of Publication: 2023
    • Publisher: DRELLA
  • Packaging and Shipping Costs: A flat shipping fee of ¥500 (Domestic) and ¥1000 (Oversea) will be added to the photobook price. Delivery will be made within 14 days after the order is confirmed.

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