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【Limited 156 Editions】ND CHOW Photobook "SIREN" featuring Bambi Watanabe, includes 1 2L-sized photo artwork

The photobook "SIREN" features Bambi Watanabe, a model who constantly pushes boundaries, becoming the first Japanese person to grace the cover of the international magazine "PLAYBOY" and founding the gender-free brand "Bushy PARK." The renowned photographer ND CHOW, known for his work in celebrity portraits, art, fashion, and advertising photography, captures Watanabe in this remarkable collection.

This work explores the theme of "key phases of existential transformation—denial, frustration, conflict, and anxiety—leading to acceptance." The title "Siren" refers to the mythical sea creature from Greek mythology, known for luring sailors to their doom with their beauty and enchanting songs. In this photo exhibition, the siren symbolizes "glamour." Bambi Watanabe plays the protagonist who realizes the difficulty of maintaining a sensual and hedonistic lifestyle, seeking a return to her innocent roots as a form of self-actualization. The protagonist discovers the beauty in the world around her, exposes her true self, aligns her actions with her beliefs, and finds inner peace.

During the 2022 shoot for this project, Bambi Watanabe boldly took on the challenge of a nude photo shoot by the seaside. After the shoot, ND CHOW and Bambi Watanabe engaged in extensive discussions to deepen the message of the work. Following a two-year planning period, the photo exhibition and the photobook with the same title are now being presented.

Artist Profiles


Photographer, Film Director

Born in Singapore, ND Chow relocated to Tokyo in 2000 to pursue his dreams of becoming a portrait photographer. Before moving to Tokyo, He spent two years travelling the globe to discover the world as well as himself. In 2004, he published his first photo book which chronicled Seiji Ozawa, the renowned Japanese music director and former conductor of the Boston Symphony Orchestra. This opportunity opened the doors for him to work with a broad range of fascinating people. ND feels that the influence of his formative years resonates in the kinds of images he is able to create today. He endeavors to encourage to let down their guards and show a little something of their lives beyond the façade that is synonymous with life in the public eye. For him, this allows authentic images of beauty, character and vulnerability to emerge.


Bambi Watanabe

Gravure Idol, Artist

Bambi Watanabe, active as a model and actress, debuted her first nude appearance in 2018 with "Weekly Gendai" and the photobook "BAMBI." The following year, she gained global attention by becoming the first Japanese person to grace the cover of the international magazine "PLAYBOY." In 2021, she was selected as the model for "Orizuru," the first nude-themed photobook by Daido Moriyama, a Hasselblad International Photography Award winner. Alongside her modeling career, she founded the gender-free brand "Bushy Park," designed for the lab-grown diamonds jewelry brand "Muff," and produced the project "SCRATCH GIRLS," which merges gravure and art. She is supported as an artist who continually takes on new challenges ahead of the times.


【Limited 156 Editions】ND CHOW Photobook "SIREN" featuring Bambi Watanabe, includes 1 2L-sized photo artwork

Sales Tax Included
    • Format: 210 x 297 mm
    • Pages: 112
    • Binding: Softcover
    • Year of Publication: June 2024
    • Publisher: ND CHOW -publishing
    • Produced by: DRELLA
  • Signatures: The photobook will include handwritten signatures from ND CHOW and Bambi Watanabe, as well as an edition number (ED No.). 

    Packaging and Shipping Costs: A flat shipping fee of ¥500 (Domestic) and ¥1000 (Oversea) will be added to the photobook price. Delivery will be made within 14 days after the order is confirmed.

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